Testing For Home Mold Made Simple


Many people go to a whole lot of trouble keeping up with repairs around their home so that it stays in good sound shape. Whether you ever have plans to sell your house or not, the safer it is for your family the better. This includes making sure there is no dangerous mold present!

What Makes Mold Awful


Mold can grow in places that can see, but you won’t notice it unless you are really looking for it! When was the last time you went up into your attic while it was raining to check for leaks? When is the last time you closely inspected in the basement or crawlspace? Some people won’t even go into the crawlspace of their home! These are obvious places where mold can be spotted fairly easily growing on surfaces like wooden beams or plywood. There are other places in the home where mold can easily grow too. Maybe you will see it, maybe you won’t or can’t!

Here are some examples:

In an attic a roof leak might be concealed behind insulation.

In a bathroom mold can grow behind walls and under floors from a leaky pipe or faucet

In a kitchen you can have leaks under a cabinet or from an appliance that seep into the floor

Laundry rooms can get mold from a leaky washer or from excess humidity from the dryer

Mold can be inside you air conditioning unit

Invisible Enemy

Yes, it’s the mold you can’t see that can be so serious. If you have black mold, you must find out for sure and track it down! Until recent years it was usually necessary to call a water damage expert and get a professional to come and test your home for mold, but today it’s easy to purchase an inexpensive mold testing kit and do it yourself! Don’t even mess with a kit that makes you mail in the results and wait, get a kit that gives you results right away. It’s cheap, it’s fast and it’s easy! Simply follow the simple directions and get your results in about 5 minutes!

Why put your family and even pets at risk for the sickening effects that mold in the home can cause? For small children, pets and those with a compromised immune system, black mold can be deadly serious! At the very least mold can cause coughing, sneezing, rashes, headaches and many other allergic reactions. Even though black mold is the worst, any type of mold in the home can cause allergic responses in some people.

Testing Your Home

If you have a bad musty smell in the home, then you definitely need to test for mold. If you have had a recent water pipe break or water issues of any kind in the home, then you should test for mold. If you live in a very humid climate, mold testing is a good idea. For the cost of a testing kit, which can start as low as $39 bucks or so, you can get the peace of mind you deserve. You can learn more about testing kits here: http://www.damagecontrol-911.com/mold-test-kits/. If you don’t have mold, great, but if you do get positive results, then you know it’s time to call a pro and bring them in!

For extensive mold removal that is hidden behind walls or in even harder to repair places like a roof or crawlspace, you will likely need the services of a professional water damage company. That’s why testing for mold occasionally can be such a great thing! Find any mold issue before it gets out of control and costs you thousands in repair!